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After retiring as a Seattle public school science teacher, BioWilly set out to provide Seattleites with a sustainable and delicious coffee roast. Seeking out importers who have close relationships with organic micro-lot farmers, BioWilly aims to produce the best possible coffee roast while having the smallest possible impact on the environment. Importers are all Fair Trade and often Farm Gate certified, meaning that the farmers are paid directly, “at the farm’s gate,” without any middlemen. As Biowilly says, “When the coffee is produced and roasted sustainably, and the growers are compensated fairly, the coffee just tastes better.”

BioWilly has been committed to sustainability since 1976 when he installed one of the first residential solar systems in Seattle. In 2005 he started one of the first local biodiesel refineries and co-ops in his garage. The roastery is powered by solar panels, and solar hot water and high-efficiency heating and cooling systems. Deliveries are made by electric vehicle and bicycle.


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